Are you looking for the next nearshore center to expand your business to? If yes, then you should definitely get to know everything about Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a multitude of advantages in becoming the best nearshore center for your business, the chief among them being their way of life.

Costa Ricans believe in a way of life known as Pura Vida. Translated simply, it means simple life or pure life. Costa Ricans, or as they like to be called, Ticos use it to say ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘everything’s great’, and so on. It is well-known that Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world, chiefly because its inhabitants don’t stress out like the foreigners do. Ticos are known for their relaxed and simple way of looking at life. To them, Pura Vida means to dwell in the present, be thankful for what you have, and remove negativity from life.



There is a lot of talent crunch faced by organizations today, mainly because a vast majority of the employees they procure are mid-level, thereby using up company resources to be trained and educated. This problem of talent resources can be resolved with strategic outsourcing. Not only is outsourcing lighter on your pockets, it is also used to gain access to quality talent that may not be available in your local region. A stable political climate, an educated workforce, and proximity to the United States are the three principal factors in attracting foreign companies to Costa Rica. With advantages such as high quality results, superb tax initiatives, reasonable costs, and industrial-free trade zones, Costa Rica can be easily made an optimal location for all outsourcing requirements.

In this article we will take you through all the reasons why you should invest your organization’s resources into Costa Rica.

1. Talent that drives innovation

Highly talented professionals at nearshore centers make your work easier

The workforce at Costa Rica is highly educated, versatile, productive, and come at very economical prices. The Costa Rican workforce is multilingual and multicultural, making it easier for many organizations to communicate with their nearshore peers. At the ground level in Costa Rica, companies are constantly working on discovering the next big idea. Most times, these ideas come from the most unexpected of places. Fields that seem unrelated are merging together to create new and exciting products that showcase the latest features and capabilities.

Costa Rica also has the highest human development index among all the developing nations, along with the highest literacy rate in the Americas (a whooping 94% !). The present workforce of Costa Rica manufactures a plethora of products, and also performs a spectrum of services, including data processing, software development, and remote customer service. Resources with all kinds of technical expertise are readily available for you, ready to take your business to new heights!

2. It is the right place for business!

Nearshore centers are essential for your business to thrive!

In Costa Rica, you will find yourself surrounded by the world leaders in business. Costa Rica has a unique feature- it is home to 5% of the world’s diversity in a square area of just 51000 sq. km! Not only that, Costa Rica also covers 99% of its energy needs from renewable sources! Therefore, it is not surprising to say that Costa Rica has been steadily attracting interest from big and small companies alike.

The number of IT and software development graduates have only been increasing every year, roughly at a rate of 5.6% per annum, which means there is a potentially unlimited scope for businesses to grow when they invest in Costa Rica. When it comes to business strategy, the early bird does take away the whole worm. If your business does not realize the advantages of Costa Rica in time, your competitors may turn the tables on you by leveraging Costa Rica to enrich their business.

3. Cloud technology thrives in Costa Rica

A strong pipeline of IT resources have made Costa Rica the new haven for cloud technology outsourcing. The resources in Costa Rica are quick to learn and are flexible when required. With a majority of the Costa Rican workforce believing in the virtues of happiness and hard work, it becomes much easier to invest in Costa Rican resources since you already know their dedication will bring back positive returns to your company.

The current business climate of Costa Rica is a very important component responsible for more and more companies outsourcing to the country. In fact, Costa Rica became the first informational technology outsourcing hub for most American corporations in 2011. IT resources in Costa Rica know how to keep the perfect balance of collaboration and creation, making organizations deliver their products/ services faster and more efficiently.

Client calls can be easily scheduled and made, saving a lot of vital time

4. It works in the same time zone as the US

Another added advantage of outsourcing to Costa Rica is that the working hours are the same as their clients in the US. Thus, working on different aspects becomes much easier, even with the distance factor. This is a critical feature when it comes to collaborating on projects that have a high priority. Also, most organizations prefer to have short meetings daily, where the communication between the clients and the nearshore teams can happen real-time. These meetings also provide a chance for clients to get their answers answered and their doubts clarified immediately. The time difference between the nearshore centers and the clients allow important decisions to be made quicker, saving a lot of essential delivery time.

The Feuji office in Costa Rica is a pioneer in nearshore outsourcing and know how things work in Costa Rica. Juan Carlos Hidalgo, General Manager at Feuji for Costa Rica says- “Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a lot of resources. It has a skilled, multilingual, and productive workforce that provides added value to the services we provide”. Our 72 hour turnaround time for resource requirements is among the fastest, while giving you the best quality of results. Our clients at Costa Rica include DXC and HP, and we have also aided one of the world leaders in their industry to set up a nearshore center in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is called the Silicon Valley of Latin America, and with good reason. Working in the heart of the innovation hub at Costa Rica, our familiarity with the environment allows us to bring you the best resources in no time. Costa Rica also has one of the largest pool of call center experts, and many of them work at Feuji. All in all, we strive to deliver more than what we promise our clients!