If we look at metrics that are responsible to make or break an organization trying to become successful in a particular field, we can see that the primary factor is business performance. In today’s market, more businesses are closing than the ones starting up. Though there might be many more reasons for the early demise of organizations, business performance undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in the same. Achieving success is also measured by business performance. If you are not able to keep your clients happy, then more than half the battle is lost right there. Little else matters if your business is unable to attract new clients and retain old ones.

Now, you must be wondering what the solution to this could be. How do successful businesses not only manage to stay afloat but also push themselves forward in the strong current of the business world? The answer to this lies in one very simple but effective word- Salesforce. Salesforce gives your team and your organization everything that you need to thrive in that current. In short, it helps you improve the performance of your team, boost your revenue, and overall increase your ROI by a substantial amount.

How Salesforce helps businesses

The tools that come with Salesforce CRM are designed keeping the ultimate user (i.e., the customer) in mind. This makes it automatically easier to use for customers, improving their experience with your organization. Salesforce also emancipates your organization to interact with and assist your customers better, find solutions to problems, and ultimately deliver value.

Here is how Salesforce does it:

1. Better customer visibility-

Salesforce gives you essential information, keeping your clients happy!

To give customers the level of personalized experience that they seek, it is important to have all their relevant data accessible with ease. Salesforce steps in to do just that, by providing a platform that allows you to store and manage all your customer-related information so that you can later access it with a simple click. The customer data stored can also be used to analyze and predict the actions that the customer might take in the future, which is helpful to many businesses. According to Salesforce’s official website, using CRM tools can increase your forecast accuracy by 42%.

2. Better time management-

The number of hours in a day do not change, no matter what. Therefore, it is up to you to utilize every day to its full potential. But when you are handling different responsibilities the hours you have might not seem enough. At such times, Salesforce helps you by combining all the calendars and schedules of your employees in such a way that no activity clashes with each other, and your customers are served better. Thus, Salesforce reduces downtime and stops all deadline-induced headaches from coming your way.

3. Better planned sales pipeline-

From the vast sea of potential customers, finding the right leads is quite a challenge. And when you have to guide them through the entire process to get them to commit, it becomes even more difficult. To make your work easier, Salesforce allows you to easily track any prospective clients including their expectations and pain points, along with all other relevant information that will help you take a potential customer all the way to become a customer. Salesforce makes it easier for you to view leads and check their status along the sales pipeline, giving you an idea of the next step that should be taken your team. If you’re wondering how effective it really is, here are the stats- Salesforce is shown to increase sales by 29% and sales productivity by 34%.

4. Better collaboration-

Collaboration among teams will lead to better ideas and faster implementation!

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed by multiple departments if given access to the cloud. All your team members need to do is login to your organizational database using any device with Internet, and they can access relevant data, communicate, and collaborate to create a flawless customer service experience that never fails thanks to the internal interdepartmental communication.

5. Better support-

As long as your tool/product is functional, all is well. But what happens when it stops functioning? Salesforce comes in to prevent panic in such situations. The support provided by Salesforce is among the best, so if and when any emergencies arise, the right steps are taken at the right time to everything can be brought back to the fully functioning state. Another great thing about Salesforce is, because it is cloud-based, maintenance can be performed very easily on your tool/product without incurring any additional expenses from your end.

6. Better efficiency leads to better productivity-

Salesforce is rightfully thought of as a highly efficient platform, with examples including the automation of time-consuming tasks, elimination of micro management, and inspiring better collaboration between your team members. Salesforce focuses purely on leaving all redundancies behind and creating a hyper-efficient system that gives your team and your organization the right value for every action they take. This leads to an increase in overall productivity of the organization.

Once you have started using Salesforce to maximize your business performance, it won’t be long before you achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Since all the possible advantages of Salesforce cannot be jotted down, it can be said that Salesforce provides great CRM solutions with the best security, highly effective customization options, and unconventional business systems. Join the increasing number of Salesforce organizations and experience a whole new world.