If there’s one event the entire Salesforce community looks forward to every year, it undoubtedly has to be Dreamforce- the annual Salesforce conference held in San Francisco.

Your customers today are looking out for intelligent experiences and Salesforce tools help make them possible. Dreamforce is the perfect way to explore all these solutions!

Planning to attend Dreamforce 2017? San Francisco is calling this November 6!

This year, Dreamforce will be organized from November 6 to 9, 2017. Before you scratch your head and wonder what this is all about, here’s everything you wanted to know about Dreamforce 2017:

1. The world’s largest technology conference is here

  • Dreamforce is the world’s largest technology conference where nearly 120,000 people come together to learn and grow!
  • Such is the excitement that the flights and hotels are jam-packed months in advance.
  • Employees, partners, stakeholders, customers- everyone gathers to celebrate Salesforce during the conference.
  • The event will be organized at the Dreamforce campus spread across numerous venues in San Francisco.

2. Inspiration everywhere

  • Dreamforce is a great place to get inspired. The conference plays host to some of the planet’s brightest and most innovative minds including Michelle Obama, Jenna Bush Hager, Marc Benioff, and others!
  • The speakers at the conference draw attendees from across the world- from startups to Fortune 500 companies, Dreamforce is attended by businesses who wish to transform themselves.
  • You can also witness the success stories of clients who made it big using the latest technologies from Salesforce.
amazing session network
Watch out for amazing sessions during the conference

3. Seek the sessions!

  • Dreamforce is most known for its amazing sessions; this year, more than 3,200 sessions are lined up to delight participants. These sessions have the power to change your life and career forever!
  • Attend the sessions to enhance your knowledge and know more about the marketing cloud, Salesforce, the service cloud, and many more.
  • Whether you’re wondering how to construct a customer platform or are looking out for a way to transform your very working, Dreamforce sessions have something for everyone!

4. Connect & network

  • Apart from listening to your favorite speakers, Dreamforce is also a great place to connect and network with like-minded individuals.
  • The conference’s scale implies there would be more than a hundred thousand people- ensure that you carry enough business cards to share with people you meet and speak with!
  • Many social events are organized- consider attending them based on your interests and the relevance to your business.

5. Visit the Expo

  • The Customer Success Expo is another gem of Dreamforce.
  • Visit the Expo whenever you’re free to discover great tools and solutions which have the potential to revolutionize your business.
  • With cutting-edge technological solutions, you’ll be able to sell your products and services faster and better. Salesforce can increase your business success tremendously!

6. Time for fun

  • Dreamforce also hosts several parties and entertainment events.
  • After each day of insightful sessions and learning regimes, you’ll have an opportunity to relax and unwind during the evening parties.
Dreamforce is a great place to learn!

7. Attending Dreamforce 2017? Follow the tips!

  • Always plan your day in advance- with so many sessions happening, you’ll never want to miss the sessions of your favorite speakers.
  • It also helps to look out for sessions by the roles- developers, admins, and similar roles.
  • Look for sessions that do not repeat and prioritize those over the ones that will repeat.
  • It also helps to download the Dreamforce app, which is a great tool to manage your schedule and plan your day.

Putting Strings Together

Dreamforce is a great place to learn, connect, and most importantly, grow your business seeking inspiration from thought leaders and visionaries while also coming face to face with cutting-edge technologies that can transform your organization.

Plan your schedule well and make the most of the conference. The learning opportunities are literally limitless. Meet the Salesforce family and build lifelong connections!

Keep a close watch on what people are tweeting about Dreamforce and Salesforce while you’re in the conference- surprise events and activities are common at the conference and who knows you might get a great opportunity to learn something new!