In the modern world, every multinational corporation needs to outsource its services for better project management and cost optimization. This is where BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services step-in.

Business Process Outsourcing

There are several ways one can improve the BPO services to increase business productivity

Activities that the business requires for functioning but does not depend on for maintaining its standing in the global market are best outsourced. Here are 10 ways to improve the BPO services in your organization:

1. Know your BPO services well

  • The first step towards goal realization is to understand your BPO services well.
  • It is important to speak with your BPO service provider regarding their investments in technology and infrastructure and how they cater to your specific needs.
  • A key advantage of associating with a great BPO service is that the best of the practices and the tricks of the trade that can make processes much more efficient and streamlined are shared across the service provider’s entire client portfolio.

2. Have clear service provision models

  • A service provision model determines how services outsourced by your company are exactly distributed across service providers.
  • There are numerous service models: offshore insourcing, offshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing, and onshore outsourcing based on the geographical location of the service provider and its relationship with your company.
  • It is important to understand that there is no one right model. Most organizations prefer a combination of different models or specific parts from certain models that suit them the most.
  • Remember, cost is the key factor influencing BPO decisions. Other factors that come into play include core business focus, service level improvement, and benefits from the BPO service provider’s expertise.

3. Understand Scalability

  • BPO service providers have been using scalable technology solutions to efficiently match up to the scale of your projects.
  • New services and products can be easily launched, digital channels operated, and geographic expansion enabled with the use of such turnkey platforms that are highly scalable to meet specific business needs.

4. Know the KPI and CSF metrics

  • It is extremely crucial to understand the KPI and CSF metrics.
  • A Critical Success Factor (CSF) is simply an element, which is crucial to the success of a strategy.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are quantifiers of the objectives of management.
  • These KPIs are compulsorily accompanied with a threshold or target and are key indicators of performance.

5. Marketing

  • Marketing services are an important part of the outsourced BPO activities.
  • Customer response can be greatly increased through well formulated and specifically designed content that is carefully tailored and customized.
  • It is crucial to establish a friendly, direct relationship with the customer. This is one of the key factors to consider for the long-term success of any organization.
Marketing needs to be carefully optimized with tailored content for customers

6. Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Management once formed a core element of any organization’s fundamental functioning.
  • However, considering the way BPO services have matured over the years, SCM is now easily outsourced, as are other important services.
  • It is worth considering if your organization would like to retain R&D, local assembly, marketing, and design while outsourcing the production elsewhere to dramatically increase productivity and reduce costs.

7. Response management

  • Customer service is no longer just about providing efficient service. It is all about delivering a quality ‘experience’.
  • Response management too can be incorporated into the BPO chain, where dedicated teams for response management would ensure that your organization’s campaigns acquire leads.

8. Analytics: the key to success

  • BPOs can collect massive amounts of data, which can be immensely valuable from the business point of view.
  • The onset of cloud computing, social media, process automation, and business analytics software has only served to emphasize the significance of analyzing every single bit of information collected.

9. Testing & Quality assurance

  • Software testing is now incorporated as a service managed by several BPO service providers.
  • A dedicated team that addresses testing and quality assurance issues is instrumental in helping an organization achieve its business goals.
  • Performance and security analysis plays a crucial role too and can greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of your business operations.
supply chain management
Project Scope Management is crucial to the success of business operations

10. Project Scope Management

  • Project Scope Management is undoubtedly the most important task that helps clearly state and define all project goals, deliverables, tasks, requirements, costs, and deadlines.
  • It is advisable to seek professional support in helping scope project management for your organization.
  • An expert can help you plan all phases in consultation with the stakeholders, balancing all tools, requirements, and processes carefully to yield the best effect.

In a Nutshell

BPO services can play an instrumental role in helping your business achieve new heights. Following the powerful tips listed above, you would be able to steer your project goals in the direction of success and cost efficient management.