It is estimated that by 2020, most customers would interact with enterprises without ever speaking with a human. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a host of advantages when it comes to customer service.

Salesforce tools ensure customer satisfaction
An efficient customer service is the key to the success of any business

1. Salesforce tools ensure customer satisfaction

  • AI solutions such as Salesforce Einstein help make customer service much more efficient.
  • Salesforce removes complexity from Artificial Intelligence and offers the best in-class platform to integrate AI into customer service, making it the smartest CRM tool.
  • Einstein helps provide the right answers to customer query and resolves pending customer complaints faster.

2. Do away with repetitive tasks

  • AI tools, when integrated with customer service, make life a lot easier for customer service representatives and their managers as well.
  • They provide representatives with the information that would help them understand the customer’s needs better
  • The task of repeatedly following up with customers is also greatly simplified as AI tools send automated reminders.
Managers can get deeper insights into the functioning of the customer service center.
  • AI-based tools can automate follow-ups and help agents respond to customer queries.

3. Relevance is the key

  • AI tools automatically select the best representative to answer any customer’s specific query.
  • AI tools use their underlying intelligence to predict the most-suited representative and routes the call to him/her.
  • The tools further provide the representative with some background knowledge before they interact with the customer.
  • Salesforce Einstein, for example, helps select the most accurate response so that the agent can answer the customer’s question quicker.

4. Increase productivity

  • AI-friendly customer service has higher customer satisfaction metrics that measure how satisfied customers are with the business concerned and its customer service.
  • Platforms such as Salesforce Einstein help agents resolve customer queries faster.
  • A lot of time is wasted on unimportant issues as a result of which the primary task of generating sales is affected. AI-based tools like Einstein discover relevant insights, predict answers, and recommend the best options.

5. Multiple language support

  • Since businesses today having increasingly gone global, it is imperative for businesses to respond to customer queries in their native languages.
  • Businesses face several challenges on the path to make their clientele happy. One of the most important challenges is to attend to customers in languages they are familiar with.
  • While it might prove expensive or even unfeasible for a business to hire multilingual experts to answer customer queries, AI-based tools can quickly learn languages and provide customers with the best answers in the shortest time.

6. It’s all about data

  • All businesses have a huge collection of data, which AI tools can parse to collect information and understand the customers and their requirements. They can then make smart predictions based on the insights from their analysis to improve sales and to ensure better customer service.
  • AI tools can analyze trends in customer data and help businesses get better insights, predict outcomes reliably, and automate processes to foster healthy relationships with customers.
Data collection
AI-based tools analyze customer data to predict responses efficiently and reliably

Wrapping Up

  • AI-based tools have been developed to yield more effective results in customer service. Artificial Intelligence is transforming businesses and impacting their relationships with the customers in a positive manner.
  • Customers can now get their queries resolved faster while businesses can focus on generating sales. The introduction of AI enables businesses to deliver a personalized and smarter customer service experience.
  • In this era of cut-throat competition, a business house that doesn’t rope in the latest technology is left behind in the race. Businesses can no longer ignore the developments in technology and how they can transform their experiences. It is high time AI gives your business a boost. Give it a shot!