The consumer is the king, goes the old saying. This saying, though, has never been truer than in our modern times when customer satisfaction is the most important for any business that wishes to make its mark.

consumer satisfaction
Consumer satisfaction is the key to success

If you are a fast-growing business, which needs the best in class solution to customer service management needs, the next generation service cloud comes to your rescue. Keep reading this article to know more about the service cloud and its implications for your business:

What is next generation service cloud?

The next generation service cloud is the brainchild of Salesforce, the world leader in CRM, and amalgamates the power of the world’s most popular customer service platform, service cloud, with the simplicity and usability of an app.

  • The service cloud has been a crucial resource for businesses to acquire a 360º view of their customers and deliver a prompt, streamlined, and personalized service.
  • The next generation cloud builds upon this service cloud by adding the power and simplicity of an intuitive, easy to use app.
  • The next generation service cloud offers out of the box service, helping agents assist customers with a click of the mouse.
  • The app can easily connect all support channels and tailor the agent’s experience in a way that increases their productivity and enhances customer dealings and response.

Future Ready Customer Service is here

The next generation service cloud is future ready, thanks to its scalable architecture, which means the app continues to grow with your organization.

  • It is disheartening to know that as much as 67% consumers break ties with businesses citing bad customer service experience.
  • Most businesses choose a customer service solution, which can be easily implemented in the present without testing its future readiness and scalability.
  • Businesses continue to grow by leaps and bounds but, sadly enough, their customer service platforms remain largely outdated. The next generation service cloud is a highly scalable solution that adapts itself to the growth of the business.
  • The service cloud is drag and drop customizable, which means it can easily evolve with the business.
 cloud service
The next generation service cloud ensures that your customer service platform is future ready

Lightning Console is the key to the power of the next gen service cloud

The next generation service cloud uses a Lightning Console, which comprises of completely reimagined tools for enhancing agent productivity and in the long-term, business growth.

  • The Lightning Console helps prioritize the service cases, which is crucial in streamlining response to consumers within deadlines
  • The service cloud uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Lightning console displays the relevant consumer information automatically, helping the agent respond and collect useful data within seconds.
  • The Lightning Service Console also displays appropriate records and data with prioritized access to help solve pending cases.
multiple channels
The next generation service cloud integrates with multiple support channels

Get close to your Customers

The next generation service cloud is the need of the hour. It is closest to the consumer and helps address their concerns in a manner they find most suitable.

  • Most companies today struggle with providing a personalized customer service experience. This is indeed a very costly affair and is out of the reach of smaller businesses.
  • The next generation service cloud understands that the consumers need a rapid response through a support channel they find most suitable.
  • The new service cloud helps admins create a community of consumers and adds Twitter, Facebook, and email support feeds as well to channelize and prioritize the response handling process.
  • The next generation service cloud helps businesses engage consumers through every support channel imaginable: chat, email, messaging, phone, video, or even direct communication with the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products.

At a glance

The next generation service cloud is a valuable asset to any business, which seeks a customer service solution that evolves and progresses in line with the business itself, adapting to its needs along the way.

Customer satisfaction is the key to success for any organization. The service cloud is an AI enabled customizable solution to help prioritize cases for streamlining the process of addressing consumer concerns.

Do not let poor customer service hinder your growth and deplete overall productivity. The next generation service cloud is a vital tool to pursue business in the most efficient manner.